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Nellie: World's Smartest Pig

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Nellie, World's Smartest Pig, started off at birth being a swine of distinction.

Her father, the diminuative "Sir Winston Churchill" was the cocky centerfold of the Potbellied Pig Journal, and had the lofty purchase price of $25,000. He was only a scant twelve inches high at the shoulders, at 6 years of age. Nellie's mom, Mona Lisa, was one of the very first snowy white-colored pigs imported into America. She was refined and demure, with petite hooves and long, flowing, shiny bristles.

On Sept. 8, 1992, in Ohio, Miss Nellie made her grand entrance into the world with a flourish. Even at birth, she was different than any other of the sow's brood...She was energetic and inquisitive, constantly on the run, and would eagerly gravitate to whomever would enter the farrowing room. At eight weeks of age, five-pound Nellie would make the move that would change both her life, and her new owners' lives. She would be carefully placed aboard a jet and flown across the nation to live in her own upstairs bedroom in the Valentines' abode in Washington state. She was pure white, except for two charming marks, both directly centered where eyebrows would be on a human. She had a wide, oval-shaped pink nose stopper, long eyelashes, and a tail with a flag on the end. Her coat litterally glittered, and her large eyes were a translucent hazel. She was always looking UP, as if she was attempting to communicate directly with humans, by looking into their eyes.

Right away, it became apparent that Nellie needed something extra. She didn't sleep as much as normal pigs, and got bored easily. She was temperamental, sensitive, and didn't like to get dirty or root. She seemed at her happiest when she was learning, or performing simple tasks. Her posture was unique, she was usually looking up at her "parents", as if to say, "What can we do next?"

She caught on so quickly, it was a challenge to keep precocious Nellie stimulated. She learned trick after trick, and would often be in her pink-walled bedroom, door closed, doing them all by herself. It was not unusual to be awoken in the middle of the night, by the sound of the tinkling keys on Nellie's miniature grand piano. Nellie would push a golf ball around for hours, trying to get it in the putting cup. After Nellie's first appearance in front of an audience, there was no going back. The pint-sized pig raced across the stage chasing soccer balls, flew through hoops, and played to the audiences enthusiastic hand clapping. She had found her niche.

Nellie would become a star.

Water colour by Charles Stephan, Pigs Illustrator (Holland). Copyright 2003. E-mail:Charles@gorke.nl
Web Site: www.gorke.nl + Galerie Varkens in Beeld / Gallery Pigs in Portrait

Years later, little had changed. The piggy primadonna had her own suburban bedroom, but it was decorated with her own publicity stills, and has a view of snow capped Mt. Rainier. Forty-pound Nellie had her own credit cards, and even received a plethora of junk mail!

Nellie was fed twice a day, but had tastes way beyond the insipid flavor of pig pellets.

Her favorite food was mushroom pizza, and she even demanded it when being paid to climb her "super ramp".

She also cherished a crisp french fry or two from a fast food drive-in....tarter sauce instead of catsup, pleeeeze!

Nellie napped during the day on a bed of pine needles under an ancient cedar tree in a sun-drenched meadow behind her home. She had a vain, artistic temperament, and prefered the company of people to that of porkers. Her hobbies included biting off dandelion blooms and chasing butterflies on her two-acre maritime estate. She loved to travel across country, and to diligently explore the carpet of new hotel rooms, after discovering a chocolate mint on the floor one hundred rooms ago. She usually could be found wearing a lei made of lavender orchids (her trademark).

But most of all, Nellie enjoyed what she did best...making the crowd roar in appreciation of her finely-honed skills and gymnastic abilities. And who says America isn't the land of opportunity?

"When a pig becomes a ham, the sty's not the limit!"

Download a free autographed picture of Nellie by clicking here.

America's favorite Ham and Four-Time World Pot Bellied Pig Trick Champion!

Newspaper Reporters Rave About Miss Nellie

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